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Nitto Press Releases

Nitto, the First Japanese Title Sponsor for the ATP Finals

Posted 2017/May/25 in COMPANY NEWS

Nitto Awarded the “Prime Minister’s Prize” at the 2017 National Commendation for Invention

Posted 2017/May/25 in COMPANY NEWS

“HARU stuck-on design;” wins the 2017 Red Dot Award for Product Design

Posted 2017/Apr/11 in COMPANY NEWS

“2016 Top 100 Global Innovators” Awards Ceremony

Posted 2017/Mar/27 in COMPANY NEWS

Nitto Named One of the 2016 Top 100 Global IP/Patents-related Innovators, Marking its Sixth Consecutive Year on the List

Posted 2017/Jan/11 in COMPANY NEWS

Bristol-Myers Squibb Signs Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement with Nitto Denko for Targeted siRNA Therapy in Advanced Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) and Cirrhosis Due to NASH

Posted 2016/Nov/11 in COMPANY NEWS

Initiation of Phase I Clinical Trial for Seasonal Influenza HA Vaccine Sublingual Tablet

Posted 2016/Nov/02 in COMPANY NEWS

Nitto Denko Avecia Inc. Acquires Assets of Irvine Pharmaceutical Services & Avrio Biopharmaceuticals

Posted 2016/Oct/12 in COMPANY NEWS

Establishment of the Basic Procurement Policy and CSR-Based Procurement Guidelines

Posted 2016/Sep/20 in COMPANY NEWS

inovas, Integrating R&D and Human Resource Development, Receives 29th Nikkei New Office Award's "New Office Promotion Award" and "Kinki New Office Promotion Award"

Posted 2016/Sep/05 in COMPANY NEWS

Regarding Power Receiving System Failure at Onomichi Plant

Posted 2016/Aug/02 in COMPANY NEWS

Acquisition of Functional Film for Curtain Airbags Business from Swiss Company Nolax

Posted 2016/Jul/25 in COMPANY NEWS

Initiation of Drug Development for Oncology Using Nitto's Proprietary DDS Platform

Posted 2016/Jul/11 in COMPANY NEWS

A New Nitoms to Offer Comfort and Pleasure

Posted 2016/Jul/01 in COMPANY NEWS

A Large-scale Investment: A Manufacturing Facility of Nitto's Ultra-Thin Polarizer in Shenzen, China

Posted 2016/Jun/20 in COMPANY NEWS

Institutional Investor "2016 All-Japan Executive Team Rankings" Nitto ranked in the "Best CEOs" and other 2 sections

Posted 2016/Jun/15 in COMPANY NEWS

Nitto Wins SID Display Component of the Year Award

Posted 2016/May/19 in COMPANY NEWS

Nitto Signs Partnership Agreement with Daiichi Sankyo: Accelerates the Commercialization of Nitto's Active Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology "PassPort® System"


Nitto Supports Reconstruction from the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake

Posted 2016/Apr/21 in COMPANY NEWS

Nitto establishes "inovas," a facility that fuses R&D with Human Resource Development

Posted 2016/Mar/15 in COMPANY NEWS

Nitto Gecko Tape used to conduct a long-term space exposure experiments during the "Tanpopo Mission"


Establishment of Nitto BioPharma, Inc.

Posted 2016/Jan/25 in COMPANY NEWS

Thomson Reuters 2015 Top 100 Global Innovators Awards Ceremony

Posted 2016/Jan/04 in COMPANY NEWS

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