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PassPort® Transdermal Microporation Technology

The Life Science Research Center's novel active transdermal technology platform - the PassPort® system - enables efficient delivery of water-soluble small molecule drugs, peptides, proteins, carbohydrates and nucleotides from a small conventional skin patch.

The PassPort® system comprises a reusable handheld applicator and a single-use porator with drug patch. The PassPort® applicator can be manufactured with unique ergonomic shapes and designed with specific functionality (dose counting, lock-out, reminders, etc.).

Nitto's PassPort® technology painlessly creates aqueous micropores in the stratum corneum within a few milliseconds. These aqueous channels enable water-soluble drugs to flow from a transdermal patch, enter the viable epidermis and then the systemic circulation. The patch may be formulated to provide for bolus or sustained transdermal delivery.

Nitto's PassPort® system is designed for simple application and self-administration. Pressing the activation button of the applicator releases a pulse of energy to the porator. The rapid conduction of this energy into the surface of the skin painlessly ablates the stratum corneum under each filament to create the microchannels. A simple transdermal patch is then applied to the ablated skin and drug delivery begins.

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