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PassPort® Transdermal Microporation Technology

With the PassPort® active transdermal technology, Nitto is aiming to create improved pharmaceutical and biotechnology products using a patent-protected drug delivery platform. The result is a unique lifecycle management opportunity for companies already offering approved drugs and vaccines, as well as those developing new therapeutics.

Overall, Nitto is now developing novel PassPort® formulations with the following advantages:
  • Needle-free transdermal alternative to invasive injectable drug administration
  • Applicable to therapeutics that cannot be delivered via conventional passive patch systems
  • Controllable drug delivery (immediate release to sustained blood levels)
  • Applicable to both small and large molecules (peptides, proteins, oligos, and vaccines)
  • Reduces systemic side effects and eliminates first pass metabolism
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Ergonomic portable device allowing self-administration for at-home therapy
  • Easy dose discontinuation by patch removal (no drug depoting)
Compared to a standard 27-gauge needle...

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